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  Jiande International Holdings Limited (Referred to as Jiande International Holdings) is an award-winning property developer. Since its inception, Jiande International Holdings has adopted the management idea of "Strive for excellence, seek for self-exceeding". The Company sticks to the multi-win result for the enterprise, staff and society and has been widely admired.

  Jiande International Holdings has always stuck to the strategic development orientation of creating high quality products and high level product planning and design.  The Company has been committed to the strict construction management and has developed two real estate projects: Quanzhou Binjiang international Project and Yangzhou Tianxiwan Project in Fujian Province and Jiangsu Province, respectively.

  With experienced management team, Jiande International Holdings has based itself on providing high-quality business services. Success roots from the pursuit to perfect details, after more than ten years’ of development, projects of Jiande International Holdings have won many great honors. Quanzhou Binjiang international has been awarded such honors as "China's Top Ten Model Park-style Residence 2006", "The Best China Waterfront Residence 2006", "China Best Model Super-House-Type 2006 ", "Quanzhou Civilized Community of Property Management 2012", "Fujian Provincial Property Management Demonstration Project 2012". Yangzhou Tianxiwan Project has been awarded such honors as "The Most Potential Real Estate in Yangzhou City", "The Top Real Estate with Great Responsibility 2014","The Most Worth Buying Property in Yangzhou 2014" and " The City Model on Top Brand List for Real Estate 2014".

  Moreover, Jiande International Holdings expands project resources actively by creating a multi-channel and a multi-way cooperation and development model. The Company employed qualified contractor, engineering supervision company, sales agent and property management company to provide services for design, construction, sales and marketing and property management. This has laid to a solid foundation for the Group's rapid and sustainable development. The Company focuses on developing cities, especially the 3rd and 4th tier cities, which are with great economic growth potential. Furthermore, the Company sales High-rise flats and provides matched retail store for consumers to live in high quality residential properties and perfect living environment.

  Looking ahead, Jiande International Holdings will focus on the industry and centralize the resources toward product, technology, marketing and management innovation. The Company will also committed to the importance of building core competitiveness of enterprises to provide customers the best quality housing. By working on constructing a more comfortable, convenient living environment and creating a better brand, Jiande will keep committed to its customers.